Our Membership

Our Membership

Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio targets youth in areas where our services are needed most -- primarily inner city, west side, east side and south side of San Antonio. The illiteracy rate of adults in our targeted neighborhoods has been estimated as high as 40%. According to the Center for Public Policy & Priorities, the high school dropout rate in Bexar County for the most current year is 13.5% compared to 9.4% for the state. More than 55% of our members come from single-parent households and over 75% qualify for free or reduced-price lunch.


These youth experience almost every form of childhood problem possible: poverty, malnutrition, recurring health problems, and stressful, often unsupportive neighborhood and home environments. They live in neighborhoods with high dropout rates. They face social pressures such as gangs, juvenile delinquency, child abuse/neglect, substance abuse and family violence.


While many factors contribute to the academic failure of young people from disadvantaged circumstances, recent research continues to demonstrate that the way that children use their time -- both in and out of school -- is an important predictor of academic performance. Because we know that youth who attend after school, holiday and summer programs in our Clubs spend more hours in the Clubs than they do in school, the educational and developmental impact of the Clubs and our staff cannot be ignored. Youth who are in the Clubs are not committing juvenile crime and are not truants. They are receiving positive guidance and interacting with role models who are genuinely committed and concerned about their behavior and success. Our Clubs are an important supplement to the work of school systems in San Antonio.


Last year:


  • 95% of BGCSA members stayed in school and successfully progressed to the next grade level
  • 95% improved their grades in basic skills courses including math, science, & reading
  • 97% of regularly attending high school seniors pursued higher education or military service


Membership Requirements

Club members must between the ages of 6 and 18.


Membership Pricing

$75 - Mays Family Clubhouse, Eastside Clubhouse, Calderon Clubhouse, Teen Center, Candlewood Branch

$100 - Highland Hills Branch

Sliding Scale - After School Challenge/ STARS



Core Clubs School Year Registration: August


Core Clubs Summer Registration: March-April


After School Challenge Registration: March-April


*Registration dates are subject to change.  For more information, please call the Branch/Site where you are registering.