Digital Arts

Digital Arts


  • To develop members’ technical skills, creativity and critical thinking with projects in web design, graphic design, digital photography, electronic-music making and digital-movie making.


  • Boys & Girls Club members ages 6 to18; Movie Tech is for ages 10 to 18
  • Five programs in technology and the arts sponsored by founding partner Microsoft and Comcast.
    • Web Tech: Members create simple, one-page websites using web design software. They then advance to building more sophisticated sites with links, graphics, text and sound, learning important design lessons along the way.
    • Design Tech: Members learn artistic concepts and technology skills to create professional. Projects include developing logos, posters and animation with photo manipulation software and Microsoft Publisher.
    • Photo Tech: Members take digital photographs and study distance, angle and photo composition.
    • Music Tech: Members explore music software and basic music theory, learning to write sheet music, mix music loops and compose and record songs.
    • Movie Tech: Members create simple movies using movie-editing software. 


As part of Boys & Girls Clubs Digital Arts programming, BGCSA participates in the Digital Arts Festival. The goal of the Digital Arts Festival is to recognize the creative and technological talents of Boys & Girls Club members participating in Digital Arts programs.

  • Boys & Girls Club members ages 6-18
  • The Club Tech Digital Arts Festivals celebrate member creativity and technical ability in four areas:
    • Music Making
    • Photo Illustration
    • Movie Making
    • Graphic Design
  • Each festival is the culmination of one of the Digital Arts Suite (DAS) programs: Music Tech, Photo Tech, Movie Tech, and Design Tech. Based on a theme, members create digital music; photo illustrations, graphic designs or websites; write screenplays; or produce short films. While not required, administering DAS programs is the best way to prepare members for festival participation.